I want you to get a great start on a lifetime relationship change between you and your dog by helping your dog learn the rules of your household.


I want your dog to have respect for you as his/her owner, but also trust between the both of you.

By the end of the sessions I want you to feel not only comfortable with how your dog behaves, but confident as well.

Meet the Trainer

Debbie's Goals

Dog Training

Hi, my name is Debra Meyer, but my friends, family and clients call me Debbie. I am the proud owner of the Pawsitive Solutions dog training business. I started this just because of the simple fact that, not only do I love dogs, I love helping others with their relationship between them and their best friend. I am a graduate from Animal Behavioral College and a certified dog trainer. I also spend some of my free time as a volunteer at The Barking Lot, a dog day care and boarding center. I have two dogs living at home with me. Their names are Brody and Keagan. Brody is a Black Lab that I rescued from Cedar Bend Humane Society. He is five years old. He and I are very close. Brody was part of my inspiration to become a dog trainer. I practiced a lot on him at home and now he knows all sorts of tricks. Keagan is a Rottweiler Shepard mix. He is about two years old and he is also a rescue. He was in the great care of Marie at The Barking Lot as one of her many fosters. I started bringing him home to help with the one on one care, and he just never left. I could not let him go. Now I am happier than ever with my two wonderful dogs, and my desire is to help people feel the same about their canine friends!

and your dog."